The idea of investing in a new roof for your commercial building may seem daunting and overwhelming. We take the scary out of it by providing exceptional customer care combined with the right quote you need to confidently go ahead. With many years of experience, our commercial roof installation service is one of the best you’ll receive in North Texas.

We complete commercial roofing jobs right the first time, professionally, on time and on budget. From small and simple to large and complex, flat roof and low slope, our contractors are experienced in all forms of commercial buildings, metal buildings, restaurants, schools, shopping centers, and more. We realize your business needs to keep operating during the roofing process. We minimize our obstruction to parking facilities and entry ways to keep your operations flowing smoothly.

Commercial RoofingCommercial Roofing Installation

When you contact us initially for a commercial roof installation, we get to work fast. We’ll provide immediate times to come visit your commercial site and provide you with an honest quote with no hidden fees. Once you’ve agreed upon the time and budget, we put our best team members to the task of completing your roof installation on time utilizing only the highest quality tools and techniques.

Our new roof installation includes variety of roof systems, investigate, diagnose leaks, and repair roofs, install and repair commercial gutters, install and repair coping, and perform annual roof inspections and roof maintenance. Although roofing projects vary in some degree, most normal applications include the following procedures:

  • Removal of existing roofing materials and recover applications.
  • Prepare roof deck which may include installing insulation, plywood, fire sheet, slip sheet, metal flashing fabrication, drains, crickets and calculating adequate ventilation for roof areas.
  • Extensive clean up, which includes cleaning out gutters or removing and hauling away gutters and down spouts, raking flower beds, sweeping concrete driveways and sidewalks, and use of a magnet for picking up nails and staples.
  • In the tear off procedure, the utmost care is taken to minimize damage to shrubbery and flowerbeds. The roofing debris is carried off the roof and put into the truck so most of it never hits the ground.
  • We will check your gas ventilation ducts to your furnace and hot water heater to make sure they are hooked up properly after the roof is completed.

Commercial flat roofs pose some of the greatest challenges for a roofing company. Large flat expanses, heating, air conditioning machinery, air vents and piping, all create obstacles to making a roof watertight and long lasting. We have the experience and craftsmanship of product installation to meet and exceed requirements for commercial roofing of all types.

We hold a Alabama license with the S280 and R100 Primary Classification, which qualifies us for all types of roof installation, and construction.

Commercial Roofing Material Comparison

Commercial roofing ranges from a small business office to a colossal industrial manufacturing plant. Roof types are either Pitched, or Flat (low slope).

Commercial Pitched Roof

Pitched roof material is, more often than not, some type of shingle or metal installation. Call us for expert advice with material options, styles and installation choices best suited for your project.

Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofs present many obstacles you will not find on a pitched roof. Building ventilation system, large AC units, etc, along with numerous vent pipings and other protrusions. Not only are these obstacles, they can also be, depending on the roofing material used, a source of continued maintenance expense.

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